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Benjamin Lester

Senior Economic Advisor and Economist

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia




benjamin.lester "at" 


Research Department

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

10 Independence Mall

Philadelphia, PA 19106

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About me

Welcome to my website!

I am an economist with broad interests in macroeconomics, finance, and labor economics.  I am particularly interested in issues related to search and matching frictions, information frictions, and the intersection of the two.

I am currently a senior economic advisor and economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.  I also serve as an associate editor at the International Economic Review and Theoretical Economics, and teach PhD courses at the University of Pennsylvania.  


I am a co-organizer of the Search and Matching Workshop of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Macro Workshop, and a member of the Finance Theory Group. I recently helped to organize a conference on Fragmented Financial Markets, which was published as a special issue of Review of Economic Dynamics. This March, I am co-organizing a conference about the Impact of Post-Crisis Regulation on Financial Markets.

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